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Google Drive Storage Limits

Google recently began enforcing storage limits for educational clients. As a result, we will need to proceed with plans to enforce quotas. Our target date for this change to take effect is currently September 2023. While most users will fall within an acceptable range, it is recommended that this allotment is closely monitored and used […]

Important Apple Security Updates

Apple recently released updates to address a set of serious vulnerabilities affecting most Apple devices. Security researchers released a report detailing how these vulnerabilities may be exploited. Successful exploitation could allow an attacker to gain access to sensitive information, install applications, or spy on users. This could happen merely by the user visiting a maliciously-crafted […]

Spring 2023 Cybersecurity Awareness Training

The Spring 2023 Cybersecurity Awareness Training is now available. Check your inbox for more information, or visit the Cybersecurity Awareness Training website at  As a reminder, the College’s insurance provider requires a minimum of sixty minutes of video instruction annually. You can help keep insurance costs in check by completing the 35-minute module before […]

GTS has a new look!

This past fall, Technology Services transitioned to a new IT service management system called TeamDynamix. TeamDynamix is an industry leader in IT service management, and it is a popular product in higher education. TeamDynamix is designed to improve IT response rates, tracking, and ticket management. You may have already noticed that replies from the Technology […]

Additional Multi-Factor Changes for Spring

The College has used Duo to provide multi-factor authentication since 2018. This added layer of protection has been critical in stemming the growing tide of malicious attacks. The techniques used by outside threat actors have adapted, however, and in response, Technology Services will be making additional changes to multi-factor authentication. Please read more about these […]

Duo Multi-Factor Authentication Changes

To reduce the likelihood of an account breach, and limit potential exposure time should a breach occur, Technology Services will be making changes to the Duo multi-factor authentication system. These changes will take effect immediately, but you may not notice them until your next Duo authentication attempt. More details about these updates have been sent […]

Gustavus Legacy Accounts

Gustavus legacy accounts–those held by alumni, retirees, former employees, and friends of the College, loomed large in 2022. The security risks associated with 30,000+ mostly dormant accounts continued to offer us challenges, but it was the increasing costs imposed by our vendors that ultimately prompted us to make a big change. This past summer we […]

Security Awareness Training Reminder

A gentle reminder for all faculty and staff. The first half of your required Security Awareness Training is due on Nov. 9. We ask that you watch all of the videos and complete a very brief assessment by that date. Please note that we must meet completion requirements set forth by our insurance provider, so […]

macOS Ventura Update

Apple recently announced the release of macOS Ventura. At this time, however, this new version is incompatible with our endpoint detection system. Because of this issue, and the potential for similar problems, we will be restricting updates until our vendor(s) have had sufficient time to troubleshoot and make necessary changes. We will post an update […]

Google Drive and Storage Changes

Google previously announced that it would be removing unlimited Drive storage for educational clients. The specific timeline for this change has proven elusive, but it now appears that a January 2024 transition date is likely. With this in mind, Technology Services has been working on a roadmap for digital storage. Google Drive will still factor […]