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Gustavus E-mail Being Blocked

Currently, certain businesses and email hosting sites (like corpgraph.com and mnsu.edu) are blocking emails sent from Gustavus e-mail addresses. Messages sent from WebMail (http://webmail.gac.edu) will NOT be blocked. We are working on a solution to this problem.  However, due to its nature, resolution may take 12 – 24 hours. This problem was caused by a […]

Another round of Phishing e-mails…

This afternoon many of our users received an e-mail from “Gustavus Security” asking users to log in to keep it active and protected. This e-mail is not from us nor Campus Safety. It is a phishing attempt. Please don’t reply to it or click the link. It is important to note that Gustavus Technology Services […]

The Benefits of Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single sign-on (SSO) is a mechanism that consolidates the authentication process of multiple services into one spot. This connection allows users to be logged into multiple services when they sign in to one. If you are asking yourself, "why should I care about single sign-on?" read on.

Phishing victim prevents Gustavus from sending to hotmail

Recently one of our users gave their password to someone else either by e-mail or by following a link to a non gustavus site. As a result, Hotmail and Live.com are both blocking mail from Gustavus. Unfortunately , Microsoft does not give us any ability to lift the ban and we have to wait for […]

Another round of phishing email

This morning many of our users woke up to find their inbox had been invaded by a number of email messages asking them to verify their gustavus.edu email account. This is just a quick reminder to say that no one associated with Gustavus sent that message.  An easy test to do is to read the […]

New anti phishing tool now in use

Earlier this week we started using a new tool to fight against phishing email.  A group of higher ed email administrators has put together a list of email addresses used for phishing. As new addresses are discovered, they are added to the list.  We have modified our email server to quarantine any email sent to […]

Reminder from GTS: Never send your password via email

Gustavus Technology Services would like to remind you that passwords should NEVER be sent via email.  GTS will never need to ask you to email us your password. In recent weeks more and more people have replied to phishing attempts with their Gustavus password.  These phishing attempts are sometimes very authentic looking email messages that […]

Phishing email this week…

Gustavus Technology Services will never ask for your password. Be aware that this week, an email, NOT FROM GUSTAVUS, was sent out regarding your email password. Please be aware that this is a scam/phishing attempt. Thank you to those that brought it to our attention. Please delete the message immediately. Always remember, if you are […]