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Printing PDFs in Google Chrome

Have you ever printed a document from within the Google Chrome browser and you just get black pages? There is a bug in the latest version of Chrome (25.xxx) that causes certain PDF’s to print in all black when printed from the Chrome PDF printer.  It does not happen in previous versions of Google Chrome.  […]

Forgotten Print Jobs Save Paper!

Last year Gustavus implemented its print accounting system. Within the system, users go to http://print.gac.edu to release their print jobs after they have clicked “Print” on their computer. Gustavus chose this two-step process because many of the wasted paper we found were left on printers were prints that people forgot to pickup or prints they […]

Questions regarding Printing at Gustavus?

If you haven’t read up on our Printing FAQ page, it is worth a read. It will possibly even help you save printing credits. This web page includes information regarding printing multiple pages per side for Adobe PDFs and PowerPoint slides. http://gustavus.edu/gts/Printing_FAQ If you are looking for more information regarding printing on-campus, please visit http://gustavus.edu/gts/printing […]

The College Calendar, Hot Off the Press!

The Gustavus College Calendar is a great resource of events and announcements for the entire Gustavus community, which anyone can submit items to. Events in the College Calendar may show up in many places automatically, including the Gustavus-L e-mail list, the On-Campus Community pages, lab and kiosk desktops, the Yellow Sheet, and departments’ and organizations’ […]