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The Spring 2023 Cybersecurity Awareness Training is now available. Check your inbox for more information, or visit the Cybersecurity Awareness Training website at https://gustavus.edu/gts/security/cat/. 

As a reminder, the College’s insurance provider requires a minimum of sixty minutes of video instruction annually. You can help keep insurance costs in check by completing the 35-minute module before the deadline. To further incentivize early participation, anyone who completes the training by March 13, 2023 will be entered into a prize drawing. Training will remain available until April 28, 2023. 

In addition to the required instruction, we will also be performing a phishing simulation this spring. You are encouraged to stay vigilant and exercise caution when it comes to suspicious email messages. 

As an employee of the College, you have access to important and sensitive data that must be protected. Although this training is required for your work, we encourage you to apply the information you learn from this program to all aspects of your life. Doing so will afford greater security for yourself and those around you.

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