Google Meet New Features — FINALLY!! ((Crowd goes wild))

Posted on October 9th, 2020 by

Google Meet

Google Meet recently launched 7 FABULOUS new feature to Google Meet! These new features are being rolled out by Google in a staggered format so it may can take up to 2 weeks for these features to show up, but they are certainly worth the wait!

  1. Digital Whiteboard with Jamboard – host can open a jamboard (whiteboard) & share with students
  2. Breakout Rooms – host can split attendees into groups and have them meet in their own room
  3. Attendance Reports – host gets a report on all attendees in their meeting
  4. Q/A – allow attendees to ask questions & other attendees can upvote questions so the host knows which questions are a priority
  5. Polling – host can poll attendees and share results
  6. Background Blur – blur the background of your video
  7. Host Controls – host can lock down aspects of the meeting

For more information on these features, please visit the Google Meet Blog at

For Video Tutorials, visit the Google Meet Youtube Playlist located at



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