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Printed CalendarThe Gustavus College Calendar is a great resource of events and announcements for the entire Gustavus community, which anyone can submit items to. Events in the College Calendar may show up in many places automatically, including the Gustavus-L e-mail list, the On-Campus Community pages, lab and kiosk desktops, the Yellow Sheet, and departments’ and organizations’ websites.

All of these things are great, if you are online.

Including everyone

Recently, the Staff Personnel Committee started a policy of having weekly calendar events and announcements printed and posted at specific places around campus. This was done to make the calendar information accessible to support staff who might not otherwise have online access to the College Calendar, especially custodial staff.

RSS to the rescue

While this information was already available by viewing our weekly calendar RSS feed in a web browser, the printed version left a few things to be desired.

To help make the documents a little more readable and hopefully to save a few trees, we have modified the XSLT and CSS of the calendar RSS feeds. Before the change, the listing was a single column of all the announcements and events, and took up eight to ten pages. Now the pages are formatted into two columns, announcements and events are separate sections, and everything generally fits on three or four pages (two duplexed sheets of paper).

Gustavus Weekly Events and Announcements

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