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Posted on September 28th, 2020 by

Our campus-wide Zoom license comes with a finite amount of cloud recording space. You may be using this space to record lectures, meetings, and other virtual events for later sharing and viewing. Our plan is for the currently allocated cloud recording space to carry us through the semester, but longer term, we will need to implement a sustainable and cost-effective solution. 

To that end, starting Oct. 2, we will begin a nightly automatic synchronization of your Zoom cloud recordings with a folder in your Gustavus Google Drive aptly named “ZoomCloudRecordings.” Shortly afterward, on Oct. 16, we will set a 60-day deletion countdown on Zoom, which means existing cloud recordings should expire after the last day of fall semester finals. New recordings (made after Oct. 16) will be available on Zoom for 60 days after creation. Once this deletion schedule has been set, you may notice a countdown next to your cloud recordings. You should also receive an email reminder seven days prior to deletion. 

Please remember that all future cloud recordings will be subject to this same 60-day timer. If you anticipate that people will be viewing your cloud recorded content beyond 60 days, you should consider sharing only the link to the Google Drive version of your file(s). Finally, if you wish to view or manage your Zoom cloud recordings at any time, follow these steps: 

To view, delete, or download your recordings, visit https://hellogustavus.zoom.us/recording and, if necessary, sign in. Then view your files and/or:

  1. Click the “more” button next to any cloud recording(s) that you wish to delete/download
  2. Select either “download” or “delete” from the pop-up that appears
  3. Downloads will be saved to your computer, deletions are recoverable for 30 days by clicking the “trash” link that appears once you’ve deleted files or by visiting https://hellogustavus.zoom.us/recording/trash

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