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How the Air Force Responds to Blog Posts

Here's a flowchart that describes the United States Air Force's rules of engagement for blogging, or rather, what their plan is when responding to blog posts.

Blocking External DNS Servers

To combat recent infections, we are now forcing all computers on campus to only use our DNS server.

Wireless Improvements to Come

We have discovered that during peek usage times, our wireless network is too big. We just have too many users on one network. We split out the wireless in the library into its own network named “GACLibrary” and it seems to have made a huge difference. In addition, our current system of dealing with guests […]

Get your Gravatars!

We recently enabled some new features involving comments on blogs at Gustavus. One of the coolest features, and the one that could use a little help from you readers, is the addition of Gravatars.

Gustavus 6-year Academic Calendar

Hi everybody, You may have noticed that your 6 year Academic Calendar has disappeared from your Gustavus Google Calendar. We wanted to let everybody know the URL to add it back. The button is at the top of the web page, and make sure you choose Gustavus Google Calendar. Have a great day!

New anti phishing tool now in use

Earlier this week we started using a new tool to fight against phishing email.  A group of higher ed email administrators has put together a list of email addresses used for phishing. As new addresses are discovered, they are added to the list.  We have modified our email server to quarantine any email sent to […]

How to Find Free Images

Have you ever been writing a blog post or putting together a website and thought that all it really needs is a couple of decent photos? If you don't have the time or talent to take photos for your pages, you might feel like you are out of luck. On the contrary, there's good news for you--an ocean of free images awaits you on Flickr Creative Commons search.

Calendar Widgets Get Date Links

You may have noticed that a number of Gustavus pages feature calendar widgets that display events from the College Calendar. Today we added a small but hopefully useful feature to these widgets--whenever a date is shown, that date will link to the same date in the College Calendar.

Classes in Google Calendar

This semester, GTS, will not be pre-populating students’ classes into their Gustavus Google Calendar. Students will need to add their classes manually. Please stop by the Technology Helpline if you need help adding the classes manually to your calendar. x6111

Google Calendar Gets Offline Mode, Docs Attachments, and iPhone and Windows Mobile Sync

Kyle Chambers in the Psychology department kindly writes in with news that Google Calendar recently added a couple of valuable features–offline access and Google Document attachments. Offline Calendar From Google’s FAQ about offline calendar: Calendar keeps you on time, even when you’re not online. Offline Calendar allows you to access your events through your browser […]