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Understanding CSS

For the most up to date version of this article, please visit the GTS wiki. Within the context of the WWW, Cascading StyleSheets (CSS) are powerful sets of rules that tell clients like web browsers how to render documents. Currently these documents are most often written in XHTML, HTML, or a hybrid of the two. […]

Email issues

For some reason over the weekend a bunch of IMAP and POP3 processes got stuck and made it such that those users could not modify their inbox.  I didn’t have a good way to figure out who those users were so I killed all IMAP connections.  Therefore this morning a bunch of people will probably […]

Carefull out there if you are browsing with IE

For anyone who is browsing the internet with Internet Explorer you should be aware that an exploit for a recent vulnerability is being seen on the net.  At this time there is no patch for this from Microsoft.  However if you turn off Active Scripting, you can prevent your browser from being exploited. Internet Storm […]

Rate this page

We rolled out a new feature of the Gustavus Template today that allows users to quickly and easily rate every page in the Gustavus Template using the globally recognizable five-stars system. We hope that as people begin to rate the pages they visit, we will be able to improve the bad and highlight the good. […]

More Wireless

Quote from Joel Jackson … “We have added three more wireless access points to the network today. Locations: Schaefer 323 – This services the Communications Studies Dept. and Classrooms Schaefer 316 – The Student Lounge/Computer Lab on 3rd floor by the Music library. Courtyard Cafe – Jackson Center on south side of the Post Office.”

Unexpected Downtime

At about 12:35pm today, both of our servers that provide home directory access and email access (woof and meow) decided to call it quits and kernel panic. Both were restarted by 12:55pm. Luckily downtime was not too great, but it is very troubling that they both died when they did. No word yet on what […]

Status Update

Wireless Updates: The big news this week has been wireless. Since the last update we have added wireless to Rundstrom and Norelius. From our stats, it looks like the students in Norelius are really making use of it. (110 devices in the past 24 hours) We also ordered another 60 access points due to arrive […]

Web Services Member Gets “Dugg”

One of Web Services very own, Joe Lencioni, recently had a pet project featured on prominent technology news site, Digg. Joe created a hybrid Greasemonkey/Creammonkey user script based on Lightbox JS by Lokesh Dhakar and Flickrbox by Gavin Montague. Dubbed “Greased Lightbox,” (originally mentioned here) the script changes the way people view images on popular […]

Visitor Snapshot

Thanks to Shaun Inman’s Mint, we are able to see an extremely current and accurate snapshot of who is visiting our website. I checked out some of the user agent statistics that we collect and was pleasantly surprised with some of the figures. Firefox is In While Firefox is a relatively new browser compared to […]

New News is Good News

The News page received an upgrade today that incorporates events and announcements from the College Calendar among other feature and usability enhancements. Some of the additional updates are: Accordian-style sliders implemented for story summaries Implemented Lightbox JS on story images Upgraded the algorithm that processes story bodies from the database into XHTML format to use […]