Loaner Laptop program overview 2021-2022

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     The student loaner laptop program began in March 2021 with an initial fleet of 32
laptops. This number was increased to 47 laptops by October of 2021, with the addition
of 15 machines to our long term loan program. We are using Microsoft Surface Laptop
Go as our standard machine. The expected refresh cycle for replacements is currently
four years. These computers are being managed by the Microsoft Intune portal. The
loans are processed through a proprietary web form and the Reftab web service.

     Since the beginning of the program, there have been 213 separate loans. From
these loans, 161 are unique users. Thus 75.59% of users are single checkout students.
The average checkout of the computers was 42 days. There were 12 single day loans
and 14 three plus month loans. There have been two laptop repairs, both from student negligence.

      During the 2021-2022 academic year, there were 162 separate loans. 95
students were unique users.  The average checkout of the computers was 46 days.
There were 9 single day loans and 12 three plus month loans. There have been 5
summer loaner requests, one which we accepted for June Term. During the fall
semester, we had 45 of the 47 laptops checked out at the same time. During the spring
semester, we had 36 of 47 laptops checked out at the same time.  All laptops were
returned at the end of the fall and spring semesters. However, during the spring
semester two laptop cases and one charger were not returned. The students were billed
for these items. There have been no changes to the image used to operate these
machines. We plan on continuing to use Intune to image our machines.

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One Comment

  1. Katie Gohn says:

    I’m wondering if you can provide information about how you are managing the laptops via Intune? We have a similar program and are looking for ways to reimage/update more quickly–and wipe machines that are not returned.