Pre-assign Breakout Rooms in Google Meet!

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Google Meet is has been making many wonderful updates this past year but this one may be one of my favorites! You can now pre-assign breakout rooms in your google meet and it is pretty simple!

**This can only be done using your Gustavus Google Calendar***

Set up the pre-assigned breakout rooms

  • Either create a new calendar event and add the Google Meet conferencing or open an existing event with Google Meet conferencing already set up
  • Invite the attendees. Tip: This is a great place for faculty to add the email alias for the course
  • Click the gear to the right of the google meet link
  • Click the breakout rooms option
  • This will have some breakout rooms automatically created and the participants that you have invited will appear in the rooms
  • Select how many Rooms you want by selecting the number or room on top
  • Rename the rooms by clicking on room and typing in new name
  • Click Clear to clear all groups 
  • Drag and drop participants to the group you want them to be in 
  • Click Shuffle to have groups automatically assigned
  • Click Save
  • If asked to send it to your participants, select Send.
  • You can go in and change these breakout rooms at any time.

Launch Breakout Rooms
(Note: You must be the creator of this event (host) in order to do this)

  • Open your Google Meet
  • Click the Activities button on the top right
  • Click Breakout rooms
  • All participants will appear in the main room. To see the set breakout rooms, click Set up breakout rooms
  • The pre-assigned rooms and participants will be defined
  • To move participants to another room, simply click and drag them to another room
  • When you are ready to open the rooms, click Open Rooms
  • The pre-assigned breakout rooms will stay in effect until you change them

To see the Wiki about Google Meet, please visit

To watch a video tutorial on this process, please visit


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