Google Meet – What’s New?

Posted on May 1st, 2020 by

Since many of us at Gustavus have been using Google Hangouts Meet to meet virtually with our students, coworkers and family, let’s talk about SIX new features that have come out!

  1. Google Hangouts Meet dropped the “Hangouts” making it simply GOOGLE MEET!
    YAY — Enough said!
  2. New controls for Gustavus Google Meet accounts
    The meeting creator, calendar event owner, or person who sets up the meeting can mute or remove any meeting participants. Students can not mute or remove each other from the meeting, giving all the control to the teacher. To learn more, navigate to:
  3. Low-light mode on mobile devices
    When you’re using google meet from your mobile device, low-light mode will automatically enhance your video to adapt to poor lighting. To learn more, navigate to:
  4. Present high quality video and audio during a Google Meet
    You can now share higher-quality video with audio content in a Meet video call. You can do this through the  new “present a Chrome tab” feature (only available when using Chrome). This means you can confidently play videos and other media during your meetings. To learn more, navigate to:
  5. Meet in GusMail
    Launch or join a google meet quickly from the meet sidebar located in GusMail! To learn more, navigate to:
  6. Tiled layout for larger calls
    View up to 16 people in the new tiled view in Google Meet. To learn more, navigate to:
    You can also download the Google Meet Grid plug-in, available to use in Chrome: 

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