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DUO for Students

All students are required to enroll for DUO two-factor authentication by Monday, December 2nd, 2019. After that date, all unenrolled students will be automatically enrolled and their next sign-in attempt will require them to configure DUO. It is highly recommended that you undertake the DUO enrollment process prior to this deadline in order to minimize any potential delays or inconvenience. If you do not own a mobile phone, Technology Services offers affordable alternative authentication methods. Inquire at the GTS Helpline for more information.

Technology Request Process

Academic requests are currently closed and administrative requests will be solicited in January. More information, along with an updated listing of technology requests and their current statuses, can be found on the Technology Request Process page:

Adobe Product Update

Adobe’s recent licensing changes have made it prohibitively expensive to provide widespread access to their products. To deal with this challenging situation, it is recommended that occasional users access the Adobe suite on the Virtual Lab. More active users may wish to purchase a separate license through Technology Services. Please contact Brianne Twaddle ( for more information.

Google Groups Change

Technology Services has migrated Gustavus email lists (also known as email aliases) to Google Groups, which makes the Google Groups interface the only method for creating and updating email lists/aliases. This move streamlines the number of systems and processes that require support, and allows for improved integration and expanded functionality. We encourage you to contact the Technology Services Helpline if you notice any issues with your lists/aliases, or visit the link below to learn more about Google Groups.

We encourage users to test their Google Groups to ensure they understand their functionality and options available.  Please also take care when marking a message in GusMail that was sent to a group as spam. You may be presented with an option to remove yourself from the group.  If you are a manager of the group, this will remove your account from the group.

GreyCastle Update

Gustavus has contracted GreyCastle Security to perform a vulnerability assessment that will highlight deficiencies and risks in the organization and its technology infrastructure. This assessment includes an internal vulnerability component, as well as an external penetration test that will involve scanning the College’s networks. A GreyCastle consultant was on campus during the last week of October to perform a risk assessment. This step involved an extensive series of questions meant to identify process and policy issues that need to be addressed.

New Student Account Activation

Admitted students will now be able to self-activate their Gustavus accounts online. The updated process affords them the opportunity to correct name misspellings and chose their own username from a pre-approved list of available options. The new system gives us the ability to better monitor the process and provide timely support, which should offer a more consistent and convenient experience.

New Password/Passphrase

Technology Services has simplified the password requirements for Gustavus accounts by requiring a 15-character (or longer) passphrase. Passphrases that have been previously exposed in known data breaches will be prohibited, as will a handful of special characters. Passphrases have been shown to be more secure than shorter, more complicated passwords. This new terminology–passphrase–will be used to reinforce the nature of this change.

Loaner Laptop Program Update

Technology Services provides loaner laptops for employees who have a demonstrable need (broken Gustavus-issued machine, traveling abroad, etc.). At the present time, only PC laptops are included in the program, as they are more readily adaptable to the necessary security protocols. These laptops now require users to connect to the Gustavus WiFi with their own credentials prior to leaving campus. Users will also need Technology Services to install any specialized software, as administrative access will not be available on these machines. 

Work for Technology Services

Technology Services is currently accepting applications for Consulting Assistants at the Technology Helpline. If you’re an enthusiastic student with interpersonal skills and technology knowledge, we want to hear from you!


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