Chegg Data Breach

Posted on August 16th, 2019 by

The popular textbook rental service Chegg experienced a data breach in April 2018 that exposed personal information for 40 million subscribers. The data included email addresses, names, and inadequately encrypted passwords.

If you have a Chegg account and your password is one that you’ve used at other sites/services, we recommend you update your password on those other sites/services immediately. For example, if your Chegg password is the same as your Gustavus password, it is important to change your Gustavus password as soon as possible. 

If Chegg has contacted you about this breach, we suggest that you follow their instructions. Even if you have not been contacted by Chegg, now is a great time to sign in and update your password.

One of your best defenses for this kind of breach is to make sure you have unique passwords for all of your online accounts. A password manager, such as LastPass, can make this task much less burdensome. You can also check if your email address has been involved in any other breaches via a special page in your Gustavus account.

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