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Posted on June 28th, 2019 by

Adobe Licensing Update

Adobe licensing has changed significantly, and it appears that Technology Services will no longer be able to provide widespread access to their suite of tools (Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, Premiere, InDesign, etc.). A prohibitive cost increase will necessitate a more targeted approach, and we will be evaluating all options in order to propose a new plan that maximizes access and minimizes excessive costs. Look for details later this summer.

Sharing Sensitive Information with SecureShare

In situations where you absolutely need to share electronic documents and files containing sensitive or confidential information, SecureShare is a great option. It allows you to effortlessly send or request files, and those files are then encrypted before being shared with your intended recipients. You can also limit access to the files by setting expiration dates, or restricting the number of downloads. 

To get started, simply visit the following address and sign in with your Gustavus username/password:

Administrative Technology Requests 

The Administrative Technology Request process for this year has been completed, and we thank you for your participation. Decisions regarding individual requests were made based on predetermined priorities, available budget dollars, and the overall number of requests received. 

For more information, including a listing of submitted requests and current statuses, please review our page on the Technology Request Process:

Mandatory Security Awareness Training Update 

Thanks to your incredible support and participation, a 96% completion rate was achieved. This significantly raises the general awareness of potential security threats that we face individually, and as a result, helps to protect the entire Gustavus community. 

As of this week, all non-compliant accounts have been deactivated. If you believe you may have had your account deactivated as a result of missing the May 23 security awareness training deadline, you will need to visit the Technology Services Helpline in order to restore access. Reactivation will require you to reset your password, and you will have seven days to complete your training or your account will be deactivated once again.

Position Updates

Technology Services is happy to announce that Mike Lysne will be joining the Web Services team as a Software Engineer. Mike is a recently married Army veteran and graduate of Rasmussen College who hails from Owatonna. Mike fills the vacancy left by Justin Holcomb’s promotion to Director of Administrative Information Systems. Please join us in welcoming Mike to Gustavus!


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