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Posted on February 8th, 2013 by

Here are a few common questions we’ve received about the new version of webmail and their solutions.

I am unable to login:

Please clear your cookies and restart your browser.

I liked the way the old webmail worked better. Can I still use the old webmail?

You can make the new webmail work like the old webmail by:
1. Going to
2. Choose Basic from the drop down box before logging in

Can I make it sort the messages differently or start at the newest messages?

You can change those preferences by:
1. Going to and loging in
2. go to Gustavus Webmail Preferences (the Gear Icon)
3. Mailbox Display
4. Change the 2nd, 3rd and 4th options.

Webmail looks bad in IE 10, how can I fix it?

You are probably using IE’s compatibility mode.  Turn off compatibility mode and webmail should look correct.

Can you set the default reply option to be “Reply to sender” instead of “Reply All”?

No. Unfortunately, the authors of our webmail system believe strongly that the current behavior is “correct” and refuse to make it an option we can change. There is a warning with a red background that you are sending the reply to all recipients.

When I delete an email it does not automatically move to the next message:

If you hold down shift and then press delete it will display the next message.

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  1. Christine Shoemaker says:

    The new e-mail does not work on my phone now. Are there different ports for inbox and sent? (IMAP, etc.) The email for my phone won’t even recognize my regular password.