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Smartphones are becoming a popular choice for cell phone users these days because of the many things that they can do. One of those things is checking e-mail from your cell phone or other mobile device.

Some of the smartphone options out there right now are the Blackberry, HTC Hero, Droid, G1, myTouch, Nexus One, iPhone, and the Palm Pre.

All of these phones can check your Gustavus e-mail for you while you are on the go. These devices rely on your cell phone data service, or some of them have Wi-Fi built-in. This makes the need for logging in to the Gustavus webmail interface unnecessary while on the go.

We have instructions for a few of these models located on our web site:

iPhone/iPod Touch (AT&T)
HTC Hero (Sprint) – These instructions should be similar for any Android based phone.

If you have a different smartphone or a cell phone with an e-mail application, all you need are the settings below. More and more of the cell phones that are coming out today will have the option to check an e-mail account.

IMAP Server – With mobile devices, always use IMAP and port 993
SMTP Server

It is important to note that you will need a data plan from your cell phone provider. If you only have a voice plan, you may be charged for data at an expensive rate.

As always, if you would like help setting up your device with Gustavus e-mail, stop by the Technology Helpline. We are happy to help!


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