Wireless Internet demand in unexpected places met Posted on March 13th, 2009 by

We have a goal of covering every building on campus with wireless network access. We aren’t quite there yet and we occasionally get requests for wireless access points to cover parts of campus that we haven’t covered yet.

Sometimes those requests are for places we never would have thought of as “places someone would want wireless.”

For example, we’ve received several requests for better coverage for the cardio equipment in lund. People want to stream music to their iPod touches and iPhones while running, or surf the web while riding a bike. As of today, we believe the cardio equipment should be covered much better than before. Stream away.

Another request we got, when we were asking people how the new wireless network in Norelius works, was for coverage in the laundry room. When we went to investigate we found that while one laundry room was covered well (there are two in Norelius) the other had almost no signal. We added a new access point to a closet nearby and students should now be able to do their homework (or check facebook) while waiting for their laundry to dry.

Where have you taken out your laptop and be disappointed to not find a signal? Where has your iPod Touch not served your need to be constantly connected? Let us know, and we’ll continue to try to make things better.

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  1. Eli S. says:

    I’d like to know why the university is willing to spend so much money on providing access points in these odd locations. Granted, the whole campus benefits from being connected, and it guarantees newer facilities are covered, but as you mentioned here, most people probably just use it for FaceBook, or whatever. It seems odd to me that needs for connectivity motivated by something so trivial would be extremely low priority, and would have to wait for years to be budgeted for. On the plus side, that means you take really good care of the student body!

  2. Matt Olson says:

    just a friendly comment from GTS, the music building seems to have poor coverage on the north side, which includes all the practice rooms, class rooms/faculty rooms and Bjorling Recital Hall. If I’m correct I think there is only one access point on the 3rd floor (which is in the music lounge).

    • Dan Oachs says:

      About 2 weeks ago we added one more access point in room 117. I believe that one should cover most of the practice rooms in that area.

      I do agree that the building in general is not very well covered at this time but we do have about 5 of them in the building. I think our plan is to work on that building and the Art building over the next few months.