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ColorFlashing with jQuery Enchant

Widgets, buttons, and doodads are always vying for one's attention. So, if something is very important, what options does a developer have that will effectively and unobtrusively grab the user's focus?

Mailserver Issues Last Night

Yesterday at about 5:00pm an email was sent to all students with a very large email attachment.  As a result of that email some of our mailservers ran out of disk space causing users to see a variety of issues with their email. Thursday morning we were able to free up some disk space and […]

Helpline Spring Break Hours

Technology Helpline hours during spring break: Monday – Friday: 8am – 4:45pm. x6111

Phishing email this weekend…

Gustavus Technology Services will never ask for your password. Be aware that this weekend an email, NOT FROM GUSTAVUS, was sent out regarding your email password. Please be aware that this is a scam/phishing attempt. Thank you to those that brought it to our attention. Please delete the message immediately. Always remember, if you are […]