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Last week, we put live a slightly upgraded version of the Gribly with some extra color coding (among other features) that should help visitors parse information more quickly and efficiently. Finding a particular faculty member with the last name “Smith” among a sea of students, administrators, and support staff with the same surname should become significantly easier.

Aesthetically, we tried to pick four distinct, vibrant colors that work well with the gold color used in the Gustavus template.

What do the new colors mean?

New Gribly Colors
Here’s a quick rundown of the new colors and what they mean:

Represents current Gustavus students
Represents the faculty
Represents support staff
Represents Gustavus administrators

See it in action

Example of new Gribly colors in action
If you’d like to see the new colors in action, head over to the Gribly and perform a search. If you don’t have sufficient access or simply don’t feel like it, we have created the mock-up to the right that demonstrates the new colors.

What do you think?

Finally, we would love to hear what you think about these new colors. Please let us know in the comments for this entry.


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