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What microformats mean to you

Recently we’ve highlighted a few instances where we’ve incorporated microformats into web applications and websites (e.g. faculty schedules and the 2006 Nobel Conference site). We’ve even hinted that more microformat-enabled goodies are in the works, yet we’ve only given very cursory overviews as to their purpose, importance, and usage. Rather than embark on our own […]

Windows Updates

Microsoft released an update yesterday (9/26/2006) that addressed a known vulnerabiltiy with Internet Explorer. The vulnerability could potentially allow malicious code to be executed on a users computer, just by visiting an infected web site with Internet Explorer. For more details, please see ZDNet or Microsoft sites. Gustavus users will be prompted to install the […]

Gustavus Email/Home Directory Quotas

As many of you know, Gustavus Adolphus College’s students, faculty, and staff have a limit to the amount of data (files, email, etc) they are able to save on the Gustavus server, otherwise known as your Home Directory. This limit is called your Quota. Many web-based email sites such as Yahoo!, Hotmail, or Gmail have […]

Printer Woes

This summer, Technology Services replaced all the printers in all the residence hall labs with new black and white laser printers. The old printers had printed hundreds of thousands of copies and had become difficult to keep in good working condition in this demanding environment. The new printers have caused some unexpected problems in the […]

International Center Switch Upgraded

Before 7 am this morning (Friday), the main switch that controls the network in the International Center was upgraded. International Center residents may need to reboot their computers. Other questions or concerns can be referred to the Technology Helpline at x6111. Contact Us Phone: 507-933-6111 Email: Web: Blog: Twitter: Remote Support: […]

Jabber Server Upgrade

Yesterday I upgraded our Jabber server from Wildfire 3.0 to Wildfire 3.1.0 beta. With the new beta comes the ability to install the IM Gateway plugin. This plugin allows you to use our jabber server to contact users on AIM, ICQ, IRC, MSN, and Yahoo networks. Since this is a beta, there are some bugs […]

Wireless Status Page

Did you know that there is a web site to check whether your GACwirless access point is working? You can go to to see a list of most of Gustavus’ wireless access points and their status. This year about 70% of students on Gustavus’ network have made use of the wireless network. In fact, […]

Why we changed the desktops in labs

Have you ever wished that you could stay more informed with what is happening at Gustavus? Have you ever wished that there was an easier and quicker way to access Gustavus events and news? You are in luck Well, if you use a Windows computer or kiosk in one of the labs, you are in […]

Students- Need help registering your computer?

Need help registering your computer on the Gustavus network?On Thursdays during the month of September, between 1 and 4:00 pm, the Technology Helpline will be offering walk-up help in the main lobby of Olin. During this time, the Technology Helpline will be helping students register their computers on the wired and wireless networks. This service […]

Network Upgrade Details

Tonight’s upgrade went about how we expected, not quite as quick as well as we hoped, but about what we expected. It took almost exactly 30 minutes. In case you are wondering what we did (I’m sure you’re all glued to your seats) here’s a basic overview. Gustavus’ network has one central routing switch which […]