Upgraded Internet Connection

Posted on February 6th, 2012 by

As of Thursday February 2nd 2012, Gustavus now has a much faster Internet connection.

Gustavus now has a one gigabit connection to the ISP Hurricane Electric.

To give some historical context, prior to the upgrade we had a 300Mbps connection.
In December 2010 we upgraded from 200Mbps to 250Mbps.
In January 2009 we upgraded from 100Mbps to 150Mbps.

So, in summary, our connection to the Internet is now very very fast.

We get to that connection over a redundant gigabit connection between Gustavus and a data center in Minneapolis. If Hurricane Electric’s connection stops working, we will switch back to our old provider (Global Crossing.) So Gustavus’s connection to the Internet should be very reliable, because we know that our users are increasingly dependent on “cloud services” such as google calendar, dropbox, and facebook.

Contact Us

Phone: 507-933-6111
Email: helpline@gustavus.edu
Web: https://gustavus.edu/gts
Blog: https://gts.blog.gustavus.edu
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gtshelpline
Remote Support: https://sos.gac.edu
System Status: https://gustavus.freshstatus.io

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  1. Chris Van Fossen '06 says:

    Fantastic! I’ve been working at Hurricane for a few years now — it’s great to see GAC has become a customer.

    Congrats on getting v6 up and running as well.

    We’ve got a couple of free services that some of the CS students might be happy to hear about:
    – free DNS hosting (dns.he.net)
    – free IPv6 Certification (ipv6.he.net/certification)
    – free IPv6 Tunnel Broker (not that they’ll be needing it from campus now that you’re v6-enabled, but it’s good to have for home networks)
    – free Interactive Programming Courses (code.he.net)

    And you might enjoy playing around with our BGP toolkit (http://bgp.he.net/AS17234 is Gustavus) and our looking glass utility (lg.he.net).

  2. Tom Lany '12 says:

    This is really exciting! I did a speed test and was blown away!

    I have heard that Hurricane Electric is working hard in the IPv6 space. Will the new connection give us any new IPv6 capabilities?

    Thanks for working to improve our connectivity!

  3. More context: when I started at Gustavus, we were at 56 Kbps.