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Google has recently started showing our calendar events next to many search results at Gustavus. Want to know what’s happening at Gustavus? Search for gustavus. Wondering when the next big game is? Search for gustavus football. Curious about what the SAO has been up to? Search for gustavus student activities.

This magic is possible because we have been marking up our College Calendar events using the hCalendar microformat since January 2009. Basically, this means that we structure our event information in a standard way that computers have been programmed to recognize. When Google indexes our pages, they pick up on this information and display it in meaningful ways to their users.

But basically, this is just another great reason to use the College Calendar to promote all of your events.

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  1. […] Additionally, events on the College Calendar will show up next to your pages in Google search results. […]

  2. Tom Lany says:

    That is super awesome!!