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Technology Helpline Spring Break Hours

Friday, March 26th: 8am – 4:45pm Saturday, March 27th: CLOSED Sunday, March 28th: CLOSED Monday – Thursday (29th – 1st) 8am – 4:45pm Friday – Sunday (2nd – 4th) CLOSED Monday, April 5th: 8am – 4:45pm Tuesday, April 6th: 8am – 11pm

Spring Arrives at Gustavus

Just like that, spring arrived over the weekend.

Gustavus is IPv6 Enabled

Gustavus’s network is now IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) Enabled. The main difference between regular IPv4 and IPv6 is the number of internet addresses possible. The internet is about two years from running out of IP addresses. IPv6 solves those problems. In fact, Gustavus alone has FAR more IPv6 addresses than there are IPv4 addresses […]

Customized Calendar Event Listing on the Homepage

Have you ever lost something and became frustrated at how long it took you to find it? Finding information on the web can be a disappointing experience if the information is disorganized or presented poorly. We are always trying to help people find what they are looking for on our website as quickly as possible.