Explanation for last nights internet outage

Posted on October 13th, 2009 by

Last night our ISP ( Hickorytech ) needed to relocate the fiber that our internet connection travels on due to road construction. We were notified last week that there would be a “loss of service for up to one hour during the window” with the window being from 12:00am until 6:00am, October 13th. Being a bit preoccupied with Nobel Conference and Homecoming events last week I didn’t notify the community about this ahead of time like I should have.

It turns out that our internet connection went down at about 12:15am and didn’t come back up until 6:44am. Considerably longer than the “loss of service for up to one hour during the window” our ISP warned us about.

Anyway, everything is back up and running now and the next time we are notified of an upcoming outage, no matter how small, I will be sure to make more announcements about it ahead of time.

Sorry for the inconvenience I am sure this caused last night.


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  1. Dan Oachs says:

    A quick update. I received the following information from our ISP this morning.

    “The fiber relocation ran into some problems and went well past the expected outage for your service. Going forward, we will work harder to predict the impact of our maintenances.”