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Can’t login to Google Calendar?

When you get the error page, try telling your browser to reload the page. Many users are getting the following error this morning when they try to login to Google Calendar. This service cannot be accessed because your login credentials are not yet valid If you see that error message, just tell your browser to […]

I just LOST my 19 page paper!!

It is that time of year when final papers are being written, stress is upon students, and late nights are common. Never leave a lab computer for any reason without first saving your document to a known location (flash drive, home directory) . If you leave the computer for more than 1 hour, the computer […]

Wireless in the Library

In an attempt to improve wireless in the Library, you will need to connect to the GAClibrary network instead of GACwireless network. We are in the testing phase, please let us know if things are working better or worse. You can email the Technology Helpline ( with your comments.

Time-lapse of Ice Rink Replacement

Ice Rink Time-lapse This is a time-lapse video of the Don Roberts ice rink going from the final stages of the 2008 Nobel Conference to the newly repaired ice rink. Earlier this year the cooling system failed and had to be replaced. In this video you can see the removal of the old cooling system […]

Thanksgiving Helpline Hours

Tuesday, November 25th: 8am – 4:45pm Wednesday, November 26th: 8am – 4:45pm (limited staff) Thursday, November 27th: Closed Friday, November 28th: Closed Saturday, November 29th: Closed Sunday, November 30th: Closed Monday, December 1st: Back to Regular Hours

Internet Connection Down ( Wed. Night ) [ update ]

The internet connection for the campus is currently down ( 7:00pm Wednesday Nov, 12). It appears to be a problem with our upstream provider. We are working with them now to try and fix whatever is causing the problem. I will try to report back here when I learn more. [UPDATE Thursday Morning] By 1:00am […]

Single Sign On Launched for Google Calendar

In order to improve security and our users’ experience, we have begun to implement a Single Sign On system. With this system, you can log in once and gain access to several of our services without having to log in again. Right now, if you go to you will be prompted with a log […]

Reminder from GTS: Never send your password via email

Gustavus Technology Services would like to remind you that passwords should NEVER be sent via email.  GTS will never need to ask you to email us your password. In recent weeks more and more people have replied to phishing attempts with their Gustavus password.  These phishing attempts are sometimes very authentic looking email messages that […]

Mediacom Internet Users

At my home, I use Mediacom as my Internet Service Provider. In short: Mediacom has changed their IP address range, which makes Google think you are from Spain and puts your search results in Spanish. I have contacted Google and they are making the appropriate fix. Long version: Recently, while at home, I would use […]

Computer Lab “Maintenance Mode”

In an effort to keep lab machines up to date with the latest security patches, application updates, and virus definitions, All lab computers will go into what is called “Maintenance Mode” during their scheduled time. The lab computers that go into “Maintenance Mode” will reboot and not be available to use during this time. Half […]