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UNIX Sys Admin Status Update 4-21-06

Datatel Update:   The new IBM AIX server is now here and in the server room.  The migration to the new system is now one step closer :)  The new webadvisor servers appear to be handling this weeks registration well.  The server for backing up datatel is also here in the server room and the tape library for it has been ordered.

I2:  Tuesday and Wednesday morning this week our I2 connection was down for a few hours because of power changes in the Twin Cities that caused Hickory Tech’s routers to have issues.

Server Room Meltdown: Wednesday morning the server room was extremely hot due to a failed air conditioner part.  A few hours into the day it was fixed.

Imap certificate change:
  The secure certificate expires this weekend.  Before it expires we switched our imap server to use the * certificate we also use for webmail. changing:  The secure certificate for expires next Friday.  We are planning on moving all services on that server to other servers before next Friday.  Such services are spam filter setttings, vacation message settings, and old webadvisor bookmarks.

Minor updates:  Email history page would sometimes show incorrect information.  This problem has been fixed.  We also updated the list of insecure email users and are working on getting those users to connect to email securely.

VoIP:  As a trial, we installed a VoIP phone on a Dell Axim pocketPC.  So far results are good and it becomes a usable phone.

GReg Guests:
  Today we removed all the guest registrations from GReg because that network ran out of unused IP addresses.

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