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UPDATE (Oct 23, 2006): This version of XHTMLParagraphFormat() is out of date. If you wish, you should check out the latest version. While reworking the athletics site, I realized that it was time to improve our less than perfect method for displaying news stories as HTML. The first obvious solution for formatting a chunk of […]

iChat Sounds

For some reason or another the sound effects for my iChat client don’t seem to work all the time any more. I first noticed it last week. Shortly after the upgrade to OS X 10.4.4 I lost the sounds that let me know when someone has left me a message. I can quit iChat, I […]

Email and Home Directory Downtime

At about 2:20pm our cluster died.  It was back up and running by 2:30pm. One of our cluster computers died, taking email and home directories down with it.  We discovered an issue which was causing the other half of the cluster to pause and not respond to email and home directory requests.  That problem should […]

Mailserver Downtime

At about 8:30pm tonight, our IMAP and POP server died. As a result webmail and any other email client was unable to login and read messages. During this time our mailservers dutifuly stored the mail until just before 9:00pm when the IMAP and POP server was restored.

Gustavus Template Color Themes

The new Gustavus Template provides content contributors the ability to further customize the look and feel of their pages by using one of our four pre-defined color themes. If you would like to see exactly what these different themes are, check out our new template demo section. While the default for all pages is the […]

Firefox 1.5 and Javascript

Not sure if anyone else has noticed this or not, but there are a few websites out there that cause my cpu usage to max out. I first noticed it shortly after installing Firefox 1.5 and visiting any website. It appears as thought it is caused by something in the sites javascript because disabling […]

This Weeks Status Update

Microsoft WMF Vulnerability: Obviously the big story this week was the Windows WMF vulnerability. I think we caught this one early, told people how to avoid infection, and now with the Windows patch being available, are fairly safe. I am still worried that a lot of computers were silently infected with some spyware, but chances […]

Gustavus Templates

We’ve begun a weeklong series of workshops designed to help publishers gain familiarity with the new Gustavus template. Some of the materials from these sessions, as well as untold future resources, can be found on Web Services’ template help page.

Greylisting Effective Against WMF

So far so good on the WMF vulnerability. I have not yet seen any evidence of any computer on campus being infected via this route. One thing I just noticed this morning after reading the F-Secure Blog and searching our logs for, is that our greylisting software is working to combat this particular message. […]

WMF Vulnerability

As everyone should know by now, there is a major security threat out there exploiting the WMF vulnerability. For now we are trying to watch the situation closely, and get the appropriate info out there to those who need it. As a precaution, based on info from we are blocking the following networks at […]