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News 2.1.1

News 2.1.1 is now live. We identified and fixed a small CSS bug from News 2.1.0 that showed up under IE on my Windows XP machine. The problem was that the links in the menubar had not been given a specific width. The idea behind this technique was that they would automatically stretch to the […]

News 2.1.0

I just finished the news 2.1.0 upgrade and put it live. This is the latest upgrade since I finished 2.0.1 in April. For the most part, visitors to sites that use the news software will see no change as nearly all of the updates deal with the administrative side. The biggest improvements affect the new […]

Nobel online registration

If you are thinking about attending the annual Nobel Conference here at Gustavus but haven’t yet registered, we have good news for you. Online registration for this year’s Nobel Conference is now up and ready for use. This is a big step forward for the Nobel Conference because not only is it the first year […]

Socially engineering the web

Outfoxed is a Firefox plugin that relies on a database built by other trusted Outfoxed users to tell you whether sites are good, bad, or dangerous. From the Outfoxed website: There are over 8 billion web pages. Most of them suck. Outfoxed uses your network of trusted friends and experts to help you find the […]

Adblock list

The adblock extension for Firefox allows users to block unwanted advertisements from webpages. This provides for a much faster, cleaner, and enjoyable browsing experience. However, to block those unwanted ads, you have to add filters to your adblock plugin. One could either go through all of the websites that one visits and add filters for […]

New Web Coordinator

We are very excited to announce that we have recently added a brand new Web Coordinator to our team. His name is Jerry Nowell and we are anxious to see what the future holds for us. Jerry previously served as the E-Commerce Coordinator for the Department of Tourism and State Development in Pierre, South Dakota. […]

Japan golf blog

The Gustavus Men’s Golf coach, Scott Moe, is in Toyota City, Japan right now. He was selected as the coach for the U.S. Junior Boys’ National Team at the Toyota World Junior Cup. From the athletics site: The 2005 World Junior Golf Cup is being played at the Chukyo Golf Club Ishino Course in Toyota […]

CF docs lookup

If you have never used it, you’ll be sorry that you didn’t know about it sooner. There is a brilliant tool for looking up anything in the ColdFusion documentation. It’s called and it’s a definite time-saver. How it works: you set a cookie on your computer that tells what version of ColdFusion you […]

Southwest Hall Kills Wireless

Not sure what it is yet, but something about the construction of the new Southwest Hall causes the building to totally block all Wi-Fi signals. Ethan and I were over there today to check it out for our self. We went up to the top floor where we could easily see the powerfull tropos wireless […]

Spamassassin Upgrade

Due to security concerns, I upgraded our spamassin servers to the latest version 3.0.4 today. Hopefully that won’t cause any problems. Although spamassin’s role has greatly deminished lately since most spam has been filtered out by postifx before it ever even makes it to spamassin anyway.