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Quick Calculations

Included in Mac OS X is the application called Calculator. This is a handy tool for on-the-go calculations and it doesn’t take too much of your computer’s power. Perhaps you would like to check the currency exchange rate for the euro. Open up the Calculator found in the Applications folder. Type in a number, and […]

MS Word Tricks

Until we get video media up and running, the Gustavus Technology Tip of the Week will be located on the Instructional Services blog. Today, I’d like to tell you how to delete whole words on a Macintosh. This can be helpful if you want to delete a word you just typed that is misspelled or […]

Gustavus Homecoming Game Live on GusTV

If for some reason you find your self unable to attend the homecoming football game in person this week, you will be able to watch it live in 640×480 standard TV resolution on GusTV. Or if you happen to be at another college campus that is connected to Internet2 and has multicast enabled on their […]

Internet2 speed more than doubled

As of this afternoon we are now one step closer to getting our 1Gbit/s Internet2 connection (should be implemented by the end of the semester). Up until today we had a 45Mbit/s Internet2 connection. Today that connection was upgraded to 100Mbit/s. That means traffic flowing between Gustavus and other Internet2 connected institutions such as the […]

Did You Mean… Search Suggestions in the Gribly?

Finding people in the Gribly just got a lot easier. That's right, you will now get helpful suggestions that may help you find who you are looking for, especially when you don't know how to spell someone's name.

Stay Tuned for the Technology Tip of the Week

Coming soon to Instructional Services is the Technology Tip of the Week. Each week (or so) Instructional Services will be providing you with a video or blog regarding a new tip. These will be in the form of Gustavus-oriented tips, help on multiple computing platforms, and general technological gray areas. Stay tuned for more information […]