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Summer Employment Opportunities for Students

The Technology Services Department is currently accepting applications for the summer. Applicants must be able to learn quickly in a dynamic environment, work independently with little or no supervision, and show initiative in seeking and completing tasks. Summer student employees provide technical assistance for summer projects involving the public computer labs, the academic departments, and […]

User Services/Library Coordinator Opening

User Services Coordinator/Library Gustavus Adolphus College is seeking a User Services Coordinator who will assist the campus in the support, configuration, and implementation of computing resources as they relate to instruction and learning. As one of three key persons responsible for developing a vision and mission for campus technologies, the main duties of the User […]

Gustavus Template Advanced Techniques

If you are a web developer at heart and happen to be using the Gustavus Template Container for your Gustavus web pages, today is your lucky day. Harness a little more of the power the Gustavus Template offers by reading up on our new Advanced Techniques. There, you will be able to learn some of […]

Greased Lightbox

This weekend I had a little extra time so I whipped up a Greasemonkey user script that adds Lightbox funtionality to websites that link to images such as Google Image Search, Flickr, and toothpaste for dinner. I call it Greased Lightbox. Check out the project page to download it or for more information. Requirements Firefox […]

Photo Contest Voting Starts Today

Voting for the Campus Community Photography Contest starts today in Linner Lounge and will run until Friday, March 3. You may vote for one photo in each of the three categories and once for overall. To vote, you will need your Gustavus ID number. Awards Monetary prizes totaling $270 will be awarded for each of […]


The Gustavus RSS feeds received a facelift today through the magic of XSLT. To improve usability, when visitors access an RSS feed they will now be presented with an informative page containing useful instructions on how to use RSS instead of merely the RSS source code. Additionally, to promote the adoptation and recognition of the […]


Sometimes in order to move ahead, we must look back to help us put situations in perspective and give us motivation to continue what we do. When I sat down to take a look at our website statistics, I was pleasantly surprised to see a sizable increase in what we served in 2005. Gustavus experienced […]

Section Highlighting

To improve the usability of the Gustavus website, we added a small, but incredibly handy feature to pages within the Gustavus template that fall under one of the sections found within the global navigation (the colored bar of links at the top of each page). Sections such as the college calendar, athletics, or academics will […]

Photo Contest Voting Rescheduled

The Campus Community Photography Contest has been officially rescheduled for Monday, February 27 through Friday, March 3 in Linner Lounge. To vote, you will need your Gustavus ID number.

Athletics Redesign

Due to technical differences within the underlying architecture of the athletics website, we were unable to release the redesign around Christmas alongside of the rest of our redesign Christmas. However, we have been hard at work on bringing the aesthetic and functional changes of the template redesign to the athletics website. As of yesterday, the […]