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ImageMagick Updated (6.2.3)

We updated our version of ImageMagick today to 6.2.3. Some of our applications that use ImageMagick are News, Athletics Rosters, and some other upcoming applications. The update was relatively seamless and completely painless. We expect improved performance and security.

Core Router Changes

As of 3:15pm today, we have turned on a feature of our core router that allows it to detect and slow the spread of viruses on campus. Therefore if any computer on campus displays virus like behavior ( making connections to lots of different computers within a very short period of time), that computers connection […]

Wahlstrom Hall is Gone

No words necessary. Just enjoy the photos: You can also see some video here:

Email Failure

For an hour or so today our email server was rejecting email. The server would respond with an error that the account does not exist. It turns out that it could not look up users in LDAP because one of our LDAP servers was having a problem handling the load. The LDAP server thought it […]

Athletic Facilities Site

We recently put live a new athletic facilities website. We’ve created new information pages with pictures and relevant links for each indoor and outdoor facility associated with Gustavus. Thanks go to Joe for starting the project and designing the layout and to Tim Kennedy for providing awesome content and pictures.

New stadium video walkthrough

The new stadium site has been updated with a downloadable rendered video walkthrough. It’s pretty cool, so you should download it and watch it. There are four versions of the video available for download, each of a different bitrate so you can get just the right quality for your connection speed. All files are in […]

WordPress upgraded

WordPress has been updated to version 1.5.2 which seems mostly like a bugfix release. I guess it is also supposed to have fixed some recent security holes, so it’s pretty important to upgrad from a security standpoint. However, the WordPress team wasn’t overly clear on just exactly what changes this version includes. This afternoon I […]

Wahlstrom Hall demolition webcam

Wahlstrom Hall is scheduled to be demolished soon, so it is time for us all to say our goodbyes. If you are having a hard time letting go, or need to check in from another part of the country, we set up a webcam of Wahlstrom Hall. We are planning on running it over the […]

A new season begins…

Gustavus is currently trying to raise a bunch of money for a well-needed new football stadium. With the release of a print brochure, the Marketing and PR office decided they wanted to do a web component. Right now we on have basically what is available in the print brochure, but there are some really cool […]

Updated Regular Expression for E-Mail

We discovered a small bug in our old regular expression for checking valid e-mail addresses. When a user tried to use an address with capital letters on a form, it failed to match the regular expression. We updated the regular expression to account for capital letters anywhere in the e-mail address. ^[_a-zA-Z0-9-]+(.[_a-zA-Z0-9-]+)*@[a-zA-Z0-9-]+(.[a-zA-Z0-9-]+)*.(([a-zA-Z]{2,3})|([Aa][Ee][Rr][Oo]|[Aa][Rr][Pp][Aa]|[Cc][Oo][Oo][Pp]|[Ii][Nn][Ff][Oo]|[Mm][Uu][Ss][Ee][Uu][Mm]|[Nn][Aa][Mm][Ee]))$ This new expression […]