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Gustavus Honor Band Registration Site

We recently finished up work on a new registration page for Gustavus Honor Band 2005. This site allows high school band directors to nominate their especially talented music students for an intensive two-day musical experience at Gustavus. Thanks go to Sharon Stevenson for designing the layout of the site and Douglas Nimmo for providing content […]

New LDAP servers

Since our old master ldap server decided to kick the bucket yesterday, we had to scramble a little bit and push out a new ldap setup a little faster than we had planed. However in the end, I think it turned out to be a good thing. We now have 3 ldap servers running on […]

Paul Granlund at Last

With the help of Jeremy Braband, a former Web Services member who now works for Atomic Playpen, Justin Haaheim, one of our former student workers, and Ryan Rud, our current office pal, we recently put our new Paul Granlund website live. This new site offers biographical information about Granlund as well as information and photographs […]


We recently updated the Gustavus virtual postcard system. The new system, called Gustavus eCards, has been completely rewritten and includes new features and a cleaner, more user-friendly interface. We’ve added a lot more photos to choose from, each with an html caption. The Admin back-end features convenient picture, category and user management, useful statistics and […]

iplanet .htaccess and Safari

For some strange reason we were having a problem with Safari users getting to some of our secure web pages. It turns out that our iplanet web server was not properly reading some of the information in the .htaccess file. We had a line in there for AuthName that had quotes around the value as […]

A new sidebar

Yesterday we added some functionality and dynamic content to the general sidebar of the Gustavus template. This will positively affect all of the pages that have that neat little blue sidebar on them. Some of the changes include: Removed built-in border from images. Added a CSS white border and faux drop-shadow. Updated links and statistics. […]