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Helping another blogger

My friend Paul needs some help. His page is not being indexed by google even though he has submitted his url to them. So I thought I would help him out. He has a very nice looking blog over here: So if you are into cycling and are in the southern Minnesota area, you […]

Alumni Fund e-mail campaign

Tomorrow, on Tuesday, May 24, we will be moving forward with an e-mail campaign targeted at Alumni. This will be similar to an e-mail that we sent out to Alumni in December that featured Linda Lee in an effort to boost giving, except this time we will be sending out three different e-mails instead of […]

Server Room

As we are getting closer and closer to the date when we will be moving all of our servers from their old racks to their shiny new racks, we thought it was time to open up the windows and let everyone see what we are up to. So, if you are so inclined, you can […]

CFLOCATION tags revised

Pete Freitag’s description of what CFLOCATION does alerted us to our misuse of the CFLOCATION tag for redirecting visitors from to Apparently CFLOCATION sends the browser a 302 Moved Temporarily HTTP Status Code. Freitag suggests that one should send a 301 Moved Permanently HTTP Status Code using CFHEADER. However, the 302 temporary status […]

Mailserver Changes

To do our best to keep off the email block lists, all email that is sent on campus to other on campus addresses, and off campus addresses are now being routed through our virus filter before getting delivered. This should make it very difficult for us to actually send a virus via email. This has […]

Welcome to Gustavus Web Services blog

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Gustavus Web Services blog. For those who are curious and savvy about blogging software, we are running this blog using the open source WordPress 1.5.1 which was released just hours ago. More information about WordPress can be found on their website. To answer some of your […]

Issue with iCal and Tiger

Over the weekend I upgraded my PowerBook from OS 10.3 to OS 10.4 Tiger. One of the problems I have noticed is that I could no longer publish my calendars. The way I had is set up in 10.3 was a hack to the .plist file so that I can use https for a secure […]