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This weeks update

Well, we got a lot of things done this week since it was so quiet. At times we were a little too brave and broke a few things when we should not have, but in the end a lot was accomplished. Reducing duplicate email messages – We put in place a procmail script that checks […]

Website Maintenance Completed

The previously scheduled Gustavus website maintenance has concluded successfully. As of Friday, December 23, most departmental pages will feature the new template design, which is intended to complement the implementation of certain LiquidMatrix-powered sections of the site. Additionally, the new template should also offer increased accessibility, usability, and standards-compliance. Please remember that, as a precaution, […]

Upcoming Maintenance FAQs

Q: Why are you doing this? A: These updates are being implemented to augment accessibility, provide more and better features for content publishers, and to complement the new LiquidMatrix-enhanced sections of the site. Q: Why do I have to lose permission to my site/page? A: In order to provide a smooth transition to end-users, Web […]

Upcoming Gustavus Website Maintenance

During the week of December 19, Web Services will be updating the current college template set in order to complement the launch of new LiquidMatrix-enhanced sections and provide increased accessibility and standards compliance. These changes will eventually offer content publishers greater flexibility in the presentation and layout of individual pages. Those pages located within home […]

Giving form updated

We’ve spent the last few months perfecting a new online giving system that ties into a separate new system we will be increasingly using to process credit cards. This will save some people here a lot of time, which is always a good thing. Additionally, while we were switching to this new system, we redesigned […]

Postifx and Authentication

After updating one of our 2 postfix mailservers we discovered that some email clients can’t deal with all the authentication options our mailserver presents to them. For example Eudora has an issue if postfix says it can do CRAM-MD5 as in the following example: 250-AUTH PLAIN DIGEST-MD5 LOGIN CRAM-MD5 250-AUTH=PLAIN DIGEST-MD5 LOGIN CRAM-MD5 For some […]